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Ex: If a nucleotide lacking a hydroxyl group at the 3' end is added to a PCR, what would be the outcome?        
Solution : A hydroxyl group at the 3' position of a nucleotide is necessary for the binding of any additional nucleotides. If this hydroxyl group were absent, no other nucleotides could be added to a growing strand.
Ex: Which of the embryo has parasite mode of nutrition.
Solution : Mammalian embryo remains connected by means of placenta with the mother's body to receive nutrition and oxygen supply.
EX: Energy Plant vary from energy cropping in being:
Solution: Wood used as a source of energy is called fuel wood / fire wood. So energy plantation is must for production of renewable energy.
Ex: What happens to the external energy maintaining the flow of a liquid when the flow becomes turbulent?
Solution: In turbulent flow of a liquid, most of the external energy maintaining the flow is used in setting up the eddies in the liquid.
Ex: A plant has number of chromosome groups arranged at equatorial plane of metaphase-I whose 2n = 50; the number of chromosomes visible will be:
The number of chromosome will be same (50), but each chromosome will have be 2 chromatids.
Ex: Pseudomonas saccharophila shows:
Explanation: A third system for the break down of glucose discovered by Enter - Doudoroff. It occur in a number of bacteria (Pseudomonas sacchorophila, P.fluorescens etc.)
Ex: The plant cell wall is made up of cellulose. This is believed to be:
A polysaccharide is made up of many units of monosaccharides.
Ex: Inflorescence with unisexual sessile flower is:
Solution : A pendulous spike or spike-like inflorescence consisting of small unisexual flowers, e.g., Morus alba (Mulberry), Salix (Willow).
Ex: If we separate the cell organelles of a living cell, then which part should be alive:
Solution : Because chloroplast is a semi autonomous organelle so that able to protein synthesis.
Ex: A gamma ray photon creates an electron- positron pair. If the rest mass energy of an electron is 0.5 MeV and the total K.E. of the electron- positron pair is 0.78 MeV, then the energy of the gamma ray photon must be :
Energy of g-ray photon = 0.5+0.5+0.78 = 1.78 MeV