Coding and Decoding Quiz

1. If the word NELLORE is coded as OFMMPSF, then coded word for HYDERABAD is

2. If the word CHAIR is coded as BGZHQ, then coded word for BENCH is
Answer: ADMBG

3. If the word PERMUTATIONS is coded as RMNHSZSTLQDO, then coded word for COMBINATIONS is

4. 1. If Rose is coded as 6821, Chair is coded as 73456, preach is coded as 961473 and then code for SEARCH is
Answer: 214673

5. If exam is coded as 5234 and sample is coded as 134675

and then code for EXAMPLE is
Answer: 5234675

6. If the word INTERNET is coded as UFOSFUOJ, then coded word for MODEM is
Answer: NFEPN

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